Public Participation Plan


Great Basin Gas Transmission Company (Great Basin) is committed to stakeholder communication and effective public outreach on the Project.

Great Basin will respond to requests for information from participating federal and state agencies in a timely matter. 

Great Basin has identified the following methods for communication that will allow for participation with all stakeholders.

Website:  Great Basin has established a Project-specific website for the Project available at  The website includes the following items:

  • Project overview
  • Project location maps
  • Route selection process
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Regulatory overview with links to the Commission’s website
  • Construction procedures
  • Pipeline safety
  • News
  • Contact information


Great Basin will maintain the website throughout the Project to ensure the public receives current information about the Project, Great Basin will continually update the Project materials and information on the website.

Pre-construction Letter:  Letter will be provided to the affected landowners near the proposed Project referencing the website and providing a Project point of contact.

Direct Contract:  Great Basin will use direct contact, either (1) in person, (2) by telephone, (3) by email, or (4) by letter correspondence for various stakeholders throughout the Project, as appropriate.  Direct contact will allow Great Basin to response to requests and inquiries from either federal state and/or local agencies.

Point of Contact:  For stakeholder communications, Great Basin has established a toll-free information line at 1-(877) 593-2065.  Great Basin has also established an email address at  Great Basin’s Project Team will serve as points of contact with the landowners.  They will also assist, as necessary, in public outreach efforts with local constituents affected by the Project.